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We believe in ethical and smart shopping. All of our products are carefully selected to ensure they align with our core values.


Zero Waste



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We bring a greenhouse to Charlottesville with our houseplants that will help purify your living space, brings positive energy, and relaxation!

Join our community for sustainable living. We are happy to help you start a journey of zero waste lifestyle and you can educate yourself more with our library corner available to borrow at our store. Wardrobe swap is our "exchange secondhand clothes project" to practice your sustainable lifestyle or you can donate good condition used clothes at our store.

In our pursuit of sustainability, the call to adopt zero-waste strategies has never been louder. With each item that ends up in the incinerator or contributes to the ever-growing waste to landfill, we compromise our planet's health. The continuous accumulation in our waste stream concerns not only environmentalists but also major entities like the EPA. As we aspire towards a zero waste goal, we need to recognize the gravity of our present solid waste management practices.

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