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Lightweight Lotion made with Cold-Pressed Avocado Oil

• Highly absorbent

• Suitable for the body and face

• Great for almost all skin types

• Made with cold-pressed avocado oil

• Made with plant-based, earth-derived, and biodegradable ingredients

• Does not leave your skin feeling oily or heavy


Avocado oil is similar to your skin’s natural complexion, making our lotion an easy and quick way to make your skin feel nourished and hydrated. This similarity means your skin’s barrier more quickly absorbs the nutrients within- dry and cracked skin is no problem! Helps balance your skin. It’s a perfect general-use lotion that acts fast and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy. The avocado oil we use is cold-pressed and as unrefined as possible. Contrast this with refined oils which retain little nutritional value and are more likely to clog pores.


• Paraben & Formaldehyde-Free (aka DMDM, DEA, Germaben, Germall, Urea)

• No “Emulsifying Wax” (generic misleading name, can contain dioxane)

Avocado Lotion

  • Product origin: Made in Missouri, USA

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