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• Removes excess oils without stripping.

• Helps remove other product residues from hair.

• PH Balanced

• Sulfate-Free & Color-Safe

• Formaldehyde & Paraben-Free

• Non-Irritating

• Non-Drying


We created our shampoo to be especially gentle- it is easy on the scalp and hair. The formula uses only plant-based surfactants and is PH balanced. It is a mild dual action cleanser and conditioner that helps balance your scalp’s natural oil complex. Our Soothing Shampoo should be followed with our Coconut Conditioner. Both are suitable for everyday use.


• Hypoallergenic Formula • Will not irritate sensitive skin

• No Silicones (suffix -ethicone, carbomer)

• No Sulfates (SLS, SLES, SCS)

• Phthalate-Free

• Paraben-Free (aka Germaben)

• Formaldehyde-Free (aka Germaben, Germall, DMDM, DEA, Urea)


Lab tested & safe food-grade preservatives proven to stop the growth of dangerous pathogens. 


*Note: Sold as price per oz. unit


Soothing Shampoo - Lavender + Tea Tree Essential Oil

SKU: Refill0009
  • Product origin: Made in Missouri, United States

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