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Handmade from natural ingredients cold pressed soaps will be a great gift for yourself or your special one. A sustainable gift that help support local and make NO harmful for our earth plus good for your health in the long-term.  Each essential oil used in each scent gives different benefits to your skin.


••• Citrus & Rose •••
This one is a perfect combination of Citrus fragrance, topped with Rose Petals, & elevated with a beautiful swirl. The Citrus makes it a fresh,

••• Earl Grey •••
The distinct Citrus top note is joined with the undertone of floral, herbaceous , and slightly sweet lavender-like notes. It truly smells like a delightful cup of Earl Grey.

••• Wild Flower •••
Fresh & uplifting aroma with slightly sweet, earthy and floral notes. Added hints of patchouli. topped with all the dried florals to give it an added wild flower appearance.

••• Sweet Eucalyptus •••
Filled with a sweet herbal aroma, accompanied by soft, woody undertones. This bar is a Rich green color & topped with white Jasmine flowers.


••• Orange Swirl ••• 

(Enhanced with an orange slice)
This is the perfect Orange Citrus bar. A lovely mix between fruity and clean. It’s delightful in the shower, at your kitchen sink, or beside you vanity for hand soap.
The color & swirl are absolutely beautiful, and then we’ve topped with with a dried orange slice to give it an extra element. This one is a beauty, making it pleasant for everyone!


••• Gardners Scruber •••

We’ve fragranced this bar Lightly with lemon essential oil, then added real coffee grounds for exfoliation, and topped this bar off with chamomile flowers. This bar is made with rich butters and oils to make it luxurious for your skin. Your hands will thank you.


Main Ingredients for each soap: Palm oil, Coconut Oil, Water, Lye, Olive Oil, Shea butter, Almond oil, Castor oil, zinc, herbs, clays, & Essential Oil.

All bars are hand made and may have imperfections. They are made using the cold process method, hand cut, and hand-packaged eco friendly. They are free from unnatural ingredients and may have some discoloring.


Approximate soap weight is 5 oz.

These bar soaps use essential oils to fragrance the products, they may have a lighter aroma than artificially fragranced soaps.

*Note: Homemade soap will last much longer if allowed time to dry in between uses. Standing up on side will help. Keep away from constant direct water, & store in a place where is can drain properly. Not all essential oils are pregnancy safe, use with cation & consult your health care provider before using.


**If you have sensitive skin, test on a small area first. Do not continue use if you notice a reaction.

Handmade Soap

SKU: TBC00392
  • Product origin: Handmade in Pennsylvania 

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