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Zeto Waste Store


Your first starts of zero waste lifestyle. No containers, no worry. We have reusable and eco-friendly containers for you to choose from glass to metal containers. And we have a special offer to let you borrow our metal container with $5 deposit.

You refill NOT landfill

According to the EPA, Americans produce an average of 5 pounds of waste per person per day. If you’re looking to reduce your share, try shopping at a Refillery. Refilleries allow you to buy in bulk and use (and reuse) your own containers. Our constant need to replace personal care and cleaning products results in tons of plastic bottles ending up in the waste stream every year, polluting our environment and endangering wildlife. Many of these bottles are not recyclable because of the product or soap residue in the container. When you purchase from a refillery, you can reuse the same bottles for your shampoo, conditioner, soap, household cleaners, and similar products over and over again.


Transitioning to zero waste can take a long time, and this is an easy way to start. Whatever your capability, it is great to reduce your waste as much as you can! Shopping at local refilleries also creates a positive community of people who share your value of sustainability.

How to refill?

No packaging, no problem! Reduce waste with our bring-your-own-container refill bar.

Containers, Bottles

Choose a container at our store or bring yours own. I can be any kind of container you have at home, plastic, glass, or metal bottle. However, if you forget to bring, no worry, we let you borrow our metal container with $5 deposit per container. 

Tare container at counter

We use digital scale to weight and mark your containers. You will pay for what you fill up with products in ounces (oz.) or pound (lb.)

Weight and Pay

Refill your containers at refill station. It is self-service but if you need help, we happy to help if you want to pick up your refill, please give us a call. Weight at counter and pay.

Refill Station Lists

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