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No Battery! It’s machine music box that last forever.


The Wooden Music Box is an exceptional item to give to baby. Its gentle and soothing music is perfect to sing them to sleep. In addition to being a unique decoration for the nursery, this object quickly becomes a precious souvenir to keep, collecting the tender moments of childhood over time.


The Wooden Music Box is meticulous designed. Every detail is carefully thought out in order to offer a fin and elegant product.


❖. Melody: Ghibili Music

❖  Ideal for age 3+

❖  Exclusive design

❖  Natural color with Eco-friendly paint

❖  Made from beech wood


Refresh your little explore'rs playroom with our products and helps us safe the planet with our high quality and eco-friendly toys.


“All of our products are SAFE for our children and SAFE for our planet”


The Millhouse Wooden Music Box

SKU: TBC00388
  • Product origin: Made in China

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