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The perfect eco-friendly option for all season bubble fun!


Ditch disposable plastic bubble bottles for this cute set of reusable wooden bubble wands in three fun shapes. ○★★ Includes a candy-shaped wooden dish to mix and make your own bubble potion. And why not store trinkets or candy in the dish when not in use? Make sure to rinse off and dry the wands after each use, to keep the set in best possible condition.


❖ Set includes: 3 pieces of bubble wands in circle and star shapes, and come with one wooden cancy shape dish.

❖ Material: Made with quality beechwood and metal handles

✖︎ Bubble liquid is NOT included!

Please refer to the included DIY bubble potion recipe to make your own


Refresh your little explorers playroom with our products and helps us safe the planet with our high quality, eco-friendly toys.


“All of our products are SAFE for our children and SAFE for our planet”


Amechan Reusable Bubble Wand Set

SKU: TBC00186
  • Product origin: Made in Vietnam

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