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Baby Hair Brush with Sustainably Sourced Goat Hair Bristles


How To Use:

Our Baby hairbrush is unbelievably soft and gentle on your newborn's delicate scalp! This hairbrush helps distribute your baby's natural oils across the scalp - helping to prevent cradle cap and encourage hair growth for the ones you love most.


Dimensions: 7" long x 2" wide and 1" bristle length


Environmental Impact: This completely compostable hairbrush is not only great for promoting natural scalp health, but also safe for our planet. Millions of plastic hairbrushes are thrown out yearly. Think about how much of an impact that is. With just one simple switch you are eliminating millions of pounds of plastic waste from our environment without sacrificing the same experience. Our Brushes get the job done better without leaving behind plastic for years to come.


Baby Hairbrush

SKU: TBC00062
  • Product origin: Made in Vietnam

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