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No Battery! It’s machine music box that last forever.


Pretty Ballerina Wooden Music Box! Ballerinas is a delight for the eyes as well as the ears. A musical carousel with a refined look where 4 ballerinas are delicately turning to the rhythm of the notes of ”Swan Lake”.


As well as being a great decorative element, music has a calming effect that would help little ones deal with their emotions. A great way to relax before bedtime! This elegant retro-looking music box is a special gift that is sure to be a hit and well appreciated.


✿ Melody: “Swan Lake”

✿ Material: Made from good quality wood

✿ Note: Please handle gently.


Refresh your little explore'rs playroom with our products and helps us safe the planet with our high quality and eco-friendly toys.


“All of our products are SAFE for our children and SAFE for our planet”


Ballerina Wooden Music Box

SKU: TBC00270
  • Product origin: Made in China

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