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Bring your utensils on the go with this set!


These utensils are made 100% from coconut to give you a sustainable option on your next to go order. Throw it in your purse, bag or car for easy accessibility.


Whats Included: 1 set includes storage pouch, a fork, spoon, and one pair of chopsticks

Materials: Coconut & cotton

Care: Hand wash and let air dry

Overall dimensions: 9.75" Tall x 2i" Wide


Environmental Impact: It is estimated that around 40 billion individual plastic utensils get wasted each year. With this most will not be recyclable and take thousands of years to decompose, likely turning into micro plastics, staying on the planet forever. Bringing your reusable utensils around wont just look good but help the planet too.


Coconut Utensil Cutlery Set

SKU: TBC00065
  • Product origin: Made in Vietnam

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