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Dried lavender is a wonderful addition to the home, and has many uses including aromatherapy, visual interest and as a moth repellant.


*It is normal for the buds of dried lavender to fall off. There are thousands of buds in each bunch and you will not notice the missing ones unless the stem became bare. In such instances simply remove the empty stem. We recomend collecting the loose buds in a small bag to throw in a drawer or use in baking recipes. 



Fragrant, freshly harvested dried lavender bunches. All grown in the Northwest.


-Large bundles of approximately 150-300 stems (~3-4oz)

-Long stems, between 16"-20"

-Fragrant French Grosso lavender.

-Tied and wrapped in kraft paper, stickered and ready for display.


Dried French Lavender Bundle

SKU: TBC00166
  • Product origin: Grown in the Northwest, United States

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