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La luffa a 100% vegetable sponge to accompany your showers. Exfoliating but not aggressive for your skin, it is the perfect ecological product.


This luffa sponge came directly from Brazil, the country of love of Camille, the founder of L'Atelier C. Camille went to find an artisanal cooperative on the land of her childhood to bring you this vegetable and ecological product.


Why buy Luffa?




*TIPS: The luffa is a sponge recommended for daily use to replace your plastic shower flower.


It also prepares your skin before sun exposure.


What is Luffa?

It is a squash, a climbing annual plant that is native to India and tropical and subtropical regions.


*Note: Sold individual


Luffa Sponge

SKU: TBC00183
  • Product origin: Made in France

    Product language: French

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