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Sweet Orange + Petitgrain


This is an unpack or naked shampoo bars. Your daily dose of healthy oats, brought to you care of softening oat oil. This gentle bar makes soothing work out of daily washes. 


Try it for: hair types that are a little oily, a little dry, or somewhere in between.


pH balanced

Sulphate free

85 g / 3 oz / Up to 100 washes


To Use: Wet your hair, then give the shampoo bar a few swirls across the top of your head. Massage the suds through your mane, and rinse as usual. Let your shampoo bar drain and dry between uses. We made these bars fat enough to stand on their side for easier drying.


*Sold individual bar


Oat Wash Shampoo Bar

SKU: TBC00110
  • Product origin: Made in Canada

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