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This Redwood Forest Bento Box is reusable, biodegradable, easy to wash and non-allergenic. It is crafted from wood and nicely blends healthy, sustainable and durable all in one. The organic feel and the natural wood finish adds to the chic aesthetic of this lunch box.


Lunch box set included: 1 lunch box, 1 black rubber band, 1 set of cutlery (bamboo spoon, folk, and knife)


Why Choose a Redwood Forest Lunchbox?

• Natural and Sustainable: Made from eco-friendly fir wood, our bento box is both visually appealing and sustainable.

• Versatile Design: With a removable divider and three compartments, you can easily organize your food.

• Secure and Convenient: The lid comes with an elastic band for secure transportation of your meals.

• Food Safe: Our bento box is made from food-grade, non-toxic materials, ensuring the safety of your food.

• Easy to Handle: The compact design makes our bento box effortless to handle and transport.


Redwood Forest Wooden Lunch Box With Cutlery

SKU: TBC00193
  • Product origin: Made in China

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