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This cute on the go product from Babai brand is well designed and quality wood materials. A magnet lid makes easy to carry around and study handle for our children to grabing on the go everywhere. Classic childhood strategy game. Pocket sizes make for a great travel game. Helps develop logic, tactics, and fine motor skills. Unique design with hearts shape instead of “O” shape.


✿ Natural color

✿ Material: Made from quality wood

✿ Set included: 1 tray, 1 square shapes, 1 maget lid, 5 heart shapes, and 5 “X” shapes


Refresh you little explorer playroom with our products and helps us safe the planet with our high quality, eco-friendly toys.


“All of our products are SAFE for our children and SAFE for our planet”


Tic Tac Toe "Love is ..."

SKU: 4820237380234
  • Product origin: Made in Europe

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