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This fertilizer* is specially formulated for tillandsia (air plants) and bromeliads, promoting optimal growth and blooming. We're saving you and your customers money by allowing them to add the water themselves, with a precise amount of air plant food in the bottle and a refill bag that can make GALLONS of food that dissolves in cold water, they will have many months of nutrients at a fraction of the cost.


The labels contain simple instructions for feeding plants and filling different sizes of containers. 8oz PET #1 Recyclable bottle with precise measuring scoop included in the resealable refill bag.



Total Nitrogen (N) ...16%

Available phosphate P205 ...9%

Soluble Potash K20 ...25%

Iron (fe) ...10%

Manganese ....05%


Air Plant Food

SKU: 684031042675
  • Product origin: Made in United States

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